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Global project lifecycle management at scale

Weglobal is an international project management company based in Milan. They depend on PrimeApps to manage projects funded by the European Union, with thousands of experts actively using the platform in the field. With PrimeApps, Weglobal can add new features to their app in days as opposed to months.

“PrimeApps is an essential component of our IT department and enables thousands of our users across the globe to successfully operate around the clock.”

CEO of WeGobal

Managing sales operations and the best talent worldwide

Etiya is an independent software provider that delivers custom solutions for large-scale enterprises across the globe. The company relies on PrimeApps to manage its CRM and Human Resources Management processes for its 800 employees around the world. Thanks to PrimeApps, Etiya has reduced its operational costs by 80%.

"As a rapidly growing IT company, we have constantly evolving business requirements. PrimeApps has quickly adapted to this ongoing change and helps us successfully navigate through our complex CRM and HRM processes."

Director of Human Resources

Perfecting end-to-end bakery operations

Liva is a leading bakery in Turkey specialising in designing and creating delicious cakes in its branches across the country. PrimeApps allows the entire manufacturing process for custom cake orders to be completely transparent and trackable in the system. With PrimeApps, Liva’s staff and customers can now monitor the entire cake production process in real-time.

“The key to success relies not only on technological excellence but also on the continuous support you receive. I’d say the PrimeApps team has been a great partner on both of those fronts.”

Executive Board Member

Easy-to-use CRM and HRM apps for SMEs. More information can be found at

Powerful CRM solution for insurance agents. Built by AcerPro.

WooCommerce Quote Plugin with CRM backend. More information can be found at

Advanced project management app based on international PMI standards. Built by Izge.

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