Our Story

It was yet another rainy day in Seattle. We were developing a new back office application for a client. Although it seemed like a fresh project, it turned out to be very similar to many others that we’d previously delivered. It went something like this:

  1. Start with a thick requirements specification document.
  2. Create a database where all ER diagrams are modelled.
  3. Add a business logic layer where all the action takes place.
  4. Develop a generic web-based user interface, complete with menu structure, list views, detail views, filters, etc.
  5. Add on some bells and whistles: Settings, User management, Dashboard, Reporting and more.
  6. Mobile app? Sure, why not.
  7. Oh, I almost forgot: We also need all the security, scalability and load-balancing features in the backend.

And that’s what my entire team spent their time on over the next year: Mostly the same-ol’ work, just different set of business needs.

And it didn’t stop there: Our client kept coming up with new requirements, which were different from the original brief. Every time, we needed to change the DB, business logic, user interface, and more. No matter how well we documented everything (you do document everything, right?), it felt like the project was getting out of hand. We were pulling all-nighters towards the release.

In the end, the project was successfully launched. But receiving more change requests after the release? Managing those is a whole new chapter.

This was when we had that “aha!” moment: All these business apps looked similar on the technical side. The entire technical stack from DB layer to user interface, from identity management to dashy reports could be provided in advance as one full running application. This stack could then be “configured” to the client’s specific requirements. In theory, we could have this glorious all-encompassing platform where a variety of business apps could be modelled and delivered in days!

It looked so promising. But it was one daunting task to accomplish. It meant building a platform from scratch with all the technology components of a successful business app already baked in. And this platform would magically morph into different business apps. Crazy, right?

Did I mention to you that our team loves a challenge?

Fast forward 2 years. We’re proud to introduce you to our dream platform: PrimeApps.

The journey was worth it. It’s bringing tears to our eyes to see customers building amazing apps on our platform, whether it’s CRM, project management, HR management, ERP, time sheets, order management, or more. The stories we’re hearing is touching our hearts: Developers around the world are saved from the repetitive technical work of building business apps. They can now deliver quicker results and focus instead on developing unique technologies. Customers are happier because they get their apps faster and can modify them in minutes!

During this experience, we also realized we’re not alone in this journey. There’s an entire low-code movement around the world that we’re glad to be involved in.

Oh, our team also moved to sunnier locations and went international. We’re now proud to serve you from San Francisco, Munich and Istanbul.

Yet I’d say our story is just getting started. PrimeApps is getting more powerful every day. We continue to aspire to bigger breakthroughs and work hard to provide you with incredible experiences in app development and end-user productivity.

Welcome to the future of app development!

Serdar Turan
Founder and CEO