4. Modules

Objective :
We’ll start creating the core modules that the Service Desk app needs. You can think of modules as similar to database tables in traditional programming: They are the main entities in a business app that have certain properties (fields). A module can have many records during runtime.
Time: 5 mins

The Service Desk process will initiate from the Customers. They will make Service Requests from us, which in turn will be routed to our internal Technicians for resolution. Therefore, we have to create 3 modules: Customers, Service Requests and Technicians.

Let’s start with Customers module:

  • 1. Go to Model Modules.
  • 2. Click on + New Module.
  • 3. Type in the following:
    • a. Singular Name: Customer
    • b. Plural Name: Customers
    • c. Select an icon you like.
    • You can leave the rest of the fields untouched.
  • 4. Click Save.

Now you’re ready to define the individual fields for Customers:

  • 5. Drag-n-drop Text (Single Line) into the General pane. Type in the following:
    • a. Field name: Phone
  • 6. Click Save.

Similarly, let’s create other fields for Customers as well:

  • 7. Drag-n-drop E-mail to create a field named “E-mail address”
  • 8. Drag-n-drop URL to create a field named “Web site”
  • 9. Drag-n-drop Text (Multi Line) to create a field named “Address”
  • 10. Drag-n-drop Picklist to create a field named “Country”. Make sure you select “Country” on the required field PickList.
  • 11. Click Save.

You should now be back at your default view for Modules where you’ll see your brand-new Customers module listed.