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So, don’t you have a free plan?

We don’t believe in limited-feature free plans. Instead, we provide all the amazing features of PrimeApps upfront and completely free in order for you to experiment. You can sign-up, build and preview your apps in real-life environments and take as much time as you need. No rush. Only once you’re absolutely sure you’d like to take your app to production, we’ll ask for your credit card information.

What exactly is a transaction unit?

A transaction unit is how we meter your app’s consumption of PrimeApps resources. It’s based on this simple calculation:

  • API Calls: 1 transaction unit
  • Storage (MB): 10 transaction units
  • Computation (such as Functions and Workflows): 100 transaction units

The way we measure these numbers is completely transparent to you in your app’s management console.

Wait, so you don’t charge for the number of users or the features I use in an app?

Yep, that’s right. You can build the most complex ERP software with thousands of users if you want. We’ll still charge you only for your app’s consumption of PrimeApps resources.

This transaction unit concept seems reasonable. But how do I know how much I’ll be paying every month?

Simple: The more your app is used (which is great!), the more you pay. But to give you a rough idea of payment, here are some scenarios:

  • 1 million transaction units: A simple CRM app used by a 5-people sales team.
  • 10 million transaction units: A HRM app for a mid-size company with 500 employees.
  • 50 million transaction units: A fairly advanced ERP app with all the necessary modules for a 2,500-people organization.

What if I run out of built-in transaction units?

You can purchase additional 1M transaction units for $100.

What’s the difference between a single-tenant app vs multi-tenant app?

Single-tenant apps can be used by a single customer only. However, if you enable an app to be multi-tenant, then it’ll have its own sign-up page and will support multiple customers simultaneously. Imagine having your own SaaS app with your own branding and identity — that’s possible with multi-tenant apps.

What if I need support?

Online training and support are free. Our team is very responsive. Additional fees may apply for in-person training.