Information Security Policy

Our company’s approach to information security includes the protection of confidential information and ensuring integrity of the authorized staff and units. Information and information technology systems are two fundamental values with critical importance for us. Therefore, PrimeApps has adopted the principles of the ISO 27001 Information Security Management System.

This policy covers all departments using the Information Processing infrastructure of PrimeApps, the users accessing our information systems as a third party and service, software or hardware suppliers providing technical support to the information systems.

The PrimeApps management aims to:

  • Protect the reliability of the organization and the image of the authority it represents,
  • Ensure the compliance set forth in the agreements made with the third parties,
  • Ensure the continuance of the organization's basic and supportive business activities with the least interruption,
  • Ensure continuity of primary and supporting business operations with the least amount of disruption.

Within the scope of risk management, PrimeApps uses information security risk identification and assessment, while taking the necessary measures when required. Furthermore, business continuity planning plays an important role to ensure the offered services can be carried out effectively and systematically.

All users using the information processing infrastructure of PrimeApps and accessing to its information resources are obliged to:

  • Ensure the privacy of the information belonging to the organization and the customers in case of information exchanges made with the third parties and in the electronic communication,
  • Back up and protect the information it processes according to the criticality levels,
  • Take the security measures determined according to the risk levels,
  • Take the measures that will prevent information security violations.

Information is not allowed to be transmitted to third parties without official permission.

The company's information resources are to be utilized according to the laws and regulations of the Republic of Turkey.

All employees of PrimeApps and the external parties identified in the Information Security Management System are obliged to abide by this policy and the procedures and directives implementing this policy.